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Out of the 50.000+ athletes that have gone through, these are some of the more exceptional campaigns we have had the pleasure of supporting.

Success Stories

Stian Skjerahaug
Gymnastics - Norway

"Stian Skjerahaug is what we would call a great athlete with one of the best achievements of all time. He reached the ultimate goal of any athlete, to compete in the Olympic games. This makes Stian the first Norwegian gymnast to qualify in 16 years."
Víctor Reguera
Squash - Spain

"Víctor Reguera started his campaign late January 2017, his goal; to travel with the pro circuit competing to become one of the best. He managed to raise 91% of his goal which in turn gave him enough to continue doing what he loved. Right now squash doesn't have the financial aid many other sports have, by using us he can continue doing what he loves."
Ramona Eriksen
Dart - Norway

"Ramona Eriksen is one of our most active campaigners, her campaign landed her enough to keep going and excel at darts, she's also one of our premium bloggers sharing her athlete life with us. One of her greatest achievements is playing a nine-dart finish competitively, which is done only by a handful women worldwide. Some of her merits are becoming the National Champion and representing Norway in the world cup."
Danish Women National Team
Rugby - Denmark

"Here are some of the toughest girls you will ever meet, the Danish National Rugby Team. With a strong performance in 2015, they qualified for the European Championship. That is when they created their campaign which received over 110% of their goal. With this, the financial burden on the players lessened and they could focus."
Ole Bjørn Plassen
Road Racing - Norway

"In February 2016 we got to first meet with Ole Bjørn Plassen. With a great amount of contributions donated he was helped on his way to the European Championship in Road Racing. From November 2016 he can also boast being the most successful privately funded driver in the European SuperBike Championship."
Figure Skating - Spain

"Meet these four amazing girls. Training figure skating in Spain, they have qualified to compete in the European Championship and are aiming towards the World Championship in China. We are excited to have them use our platform and congratulations to everyone for winning in Cataluña mid-May!"
Stag Gymnastics Club Elites
Gymnastics - Norway

"Stag Turn needed funds to send their elites to represent Norway in the European Championship. They had attempted to gather funds several places before trying on our platform, where expectations were not only met, but blown out of the water. Their campaign going 385% over asked amount giving them the opportunity to send the four gymnasts on their dream trip."
Melanie Møller
Takekwondo - Denmark

"Meet Melanie, a kick-ass freestyle taekwondo athlete. When she at 17 got selected to be on the Danish National team she decided to start up a campaign with us. This was to cover the expenses of travel, hotels, and training camps. When she received over 130% of her goal, she could travel to complete her goal of competing in the EC."
Tromsø Women's Hockey Team
Ice Hockey - Norway

"Tromsø Women's Hockey team is a great story for several reasons, firstly it's a great campaign with some amazing athletes. Secondly, their campaign reached 161% of their goal. Lastly, their campaign was almost initially given 100% of their goal by famous Norwegian NHL player Mats Zuccarello."
U18 National Team
Rugby - Denmark

"Meet the U18 Danish National Rugby Team, being top 19 in Europe, their goal was to again do well at the European Championship and place top 16 in Europe. The team came together to gather funds and managed to rack up 119% of their goal, making that the first step in being one of the best in Europe!"
KS Ski Lofoten
Cross Country Skiing - Norway

"Not all of our campaigns are athletes or clubs, we also help local communities fund their projects. 17 October 2016 KS Ski Lofoten created the campaign to purchase lights for their cross-country ski trail. Being in the north of Norway having lights for the winter seasons is essential, and when the campaign ended they reached 120% of their goal and they were able to install the lights!"
Thomas Søby
Golf - Denmark

"Meet Thomas Søby, one of the world's best caddies. He's been on tour around Europe for about 8 years and loves what he does. To continue supporting the best golfers in the world he needed help financing his travels. It's at that point he came to us, where he collected 90% of his goal and was able to continue being a caddie."