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Motor sports · United States

2018 NASCAR Season for Matt Perry

Goal $0
Days left 0
Ending 2018-05-29
The campaigner
My name is Matt Perry. I’ve been racing for 7 years and I’m looking to make my NASCAR K&N Pro Series debut in 2018. We will reach our $50,000 goal to make this season possible.

The campaign
The campaign
It has been an incredible journey to make it into NASCAR as the 2nd active duty Navy service member to do so but sadly the cost to race is too high for me to manage it by myself. I have a life long dream to make this a full career and won’t stop until we as a team has reached my goal. I am making a campaign to collect money for my 2018 NASCAR K&N Pro Series season. I am seeking strategic partners and sponsors who can support me for this cause. Sponsors and contributors will earn a spot on our car to share their brand as we make hundreds of laps showing your brand on NBCSN during race day in front of 150,000 TV Viewers, receive social media promotion of their brand, and we will hand out promo and ad material at the track to fans during autograph signing session where we interact with a few hundred fans. All contributions are received with great appreciation. Thank you.
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